There are two types of Title I schools: Schoolwide Programs and Targeted-Assistance Programs.  Hawk View is a Schoolwide Title I school.  Schoolwide Programs use funding to support all students in all areas to increase student outcomes.  Hopkins also uses its Title I funding to run a Pre-Kindergarten program.

Reading Intervention and Support

Title I funding has provided Hopkins Elementary the opportunity to hire an Intervention Specialist for the 2016-2019 school years. The intervention specialist plays an integral role in the instruction of literacy at Hopkins. She collaborates with the leadership team to improve student achievement in reading. Our specialist provides professional development to Hopkins staff members, and this time is dedicated to enhancing instruction strategies in small reading groups, working to make student groups more targeted and focused on the individual needs of students. Our specialist also works directly with students in targeted intervention groups, and in the classroom, she works directly with educators to support literacy and the implementation of Reader’s Workshop. The intervention specialist is also a member of the district Literacy Adoption Committee. This committee is working to identify and purchase materials that will further support teachers in reading instruction. 

Math Intervention and Support

All students receive responsive, differentiated instruction that is rigorous, engaging, accessible and is focused on developing skills and depth of knowledge to prepare students for solving complex problems and progressing towards success in Algebra.  Title I Math support and intervention is offered mostly as in-class instructional support, both by the math specialist and instructional assistants and by homeroom teachers, with some leveled grouping both within and outside of the classroom.